How to Afford the Holiday of Your Dreams

Most of us like the idea of going on holiday and we may even have a specific holiday or destination in mind when we are planning a dream holiday. We may think that it will never happen though, but there are ways that we may be able to afford even the most expensive dream holiday.

Keep Focused on the Goal

The most important thing is to keep focussing on the goal that you have. It is a good idea to make sure that you are always thinking about the fact that you want this holiday. This will help you to make sure that you do what you need to do in order to get it. If you forget whey, then you may lose your motivation. You may want to write the goal particularly if you have a date in mind as to when you want to achieve it. Be specific about it as that will help you to imagine it. If you need to write it on pieces of paper and put them around the house in places that you at regularly, stick on to your credit card and things like this to keep you constantly thinking about it.

Set Up a Savings Account

It can be a good idea to set up a savings account specifically for saving up for the holiday. Then you will be able to put money in there that you have made towards it. It will allow you to easily see how much the money is growing in there and to be able to monitor it properly. It will also allow you to keep it separate to any other savings that you might have which you could otherwise mix it up with.

Put Money in Regularly

It can be a good idea to start putting money into the savings account regularly. Perhaps when you have just been paid, you could put some money into an account and then you will be able to start building the money up. You will have to calculate how much you think you will be able to afford to put in and it is best to do it when you have just got paid as then you will have more money available to pay in. It could just be a very small amount to start with as you may have very little available, but this is fine. Even if it is a just a few pounds it will be a start that you can build on. Then if you have money free at the end of the month, then you can pop that in as well and start to build up your savings pot.

Find Ways to Add Extra to the Account

Once you have started, you will need to think about how to add money to the account. There are lots of different things that you can try. You might need to be creative, depending on your personal situation. Firstly, think about whether you can earn more money by doing more work and also whether you can reduce your spending by paying less for the things that you buy and buying less. You could also raise money by selling things that you own and no longer need. You might be able to rent out rooms of your house in order to make money as well. You could consider trying to monetise your hobby as well, perhaps by selling things you make or teaching how to do it. You could set up a small business and buy and sell things perhaps. There are lots of things that you could have a go at just do some research to find out.

By Jennie

As a freelance writer I get to write about all sorts of interesting topics. People do not believe me at times when I tell them what I write about but I know totally random facts about weird and wonderful things which can prove it to them. Some of the information I research and remember is totally useless and random, but when it comes to writing about finance it is all really useful. I have used a lot of the information I put into my finance writing myself and it has led to me feeling financially secure and in control which is such a good feeling.

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