Tips on Cutting Down Your Luxury Spending

Many of us spend too much on luxury items. These are items that we can do without, that we do not need to survive or that are not necessities. Although it is really nice to have these items, they do cost money and if we have debts or want to put some money into a savings account, then spending a lot of money on these things can not be wise. However, it is something that many of us do and may need some help in finding ways that we can cut down. There are a few suggestions below.

Avoid Shopping so Often

If you do not go out shopping so often then this can help you to spend less money. You will be able to resist temptation more easily, if you are not walking past shop windows or going into shops. It might seem a bit extreme, but marketing experts are very clever at feeding into our desires and making sure that we buy as much as possible. They will do everything that they can to persuade us that we really need things, that actually, we can do very well without. So, if we go to the shops less often, it means that we will be able to avoid seeing these displays, offers and persuading tactics and so we will not end up buying things, that perhaps we did not really need in the first place.

Unsubscribe from Store Newsletters and Catalogues

We might get regular emails, newsletters, notifications or catalogues from various stores. These can highlight different things that they are selling and make us feel like we want to buy them. However, we can avoid these easily. Stop following them on social media, unsubscribe to their newsletters and emails and cancel catalogues. Then you will not have all of this temptation. If you need something form them, then visit their online or high street shop and you will be able to look at whether they have it. However, if you get these marketing materials you might start to convince yourself that you need certain items which you actually do not need at all. It might be something that you will not even really want but once you have read an email about it and then seen an online advert, you will convinced that you cannot do without it. Ad blockers can be very useful too, you can do this on a PC but you may also be able to use them on your mobile devices as well.

Set a Budget

It can also be useful to set a budget for shopping for luxury items. This means that you will be able to treat yourself to some things, but you will not buy more than you can afford. You will have to examine your household accounts, by looking at your bank statement so that you can work out how much you will be able to afford. You may want to set a weekly or monthly budget depending on how often you buy luxury items. You will be able to not spend a budget one month and carry it over if you need dearer items as well. It can be a convenient system to make sure that you can still buy yourself some fun treats but you will not risk spending more money than you can afford. It might seem a bit boring, but it can really help you to keep a good track of your finances and make sure that you are not paying out more money than you can actually afford. That should give you peace of mind.

By Jennie

As a freelance writer I get to write about all sorts of interesting topics. People do not believe me at times when I tell them what I write about but I know totally random facts about weird and wonderful things which can prove it to them. Some of the information I research and remember is totally useless and random, but when it comes to writing about finance it is all really useful. I have used a lot of the information I put into my finance writing myself and it has led to me feeling financially secure and in control which is such a good feeling.

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